Toniq Product Catalogue & Supplier FAQ

Subscriptions and Pricing

Q: When do I have to be ready by?

A: The Toniq Supplier Portal will be launched in July. Suppliers will be onboarded to the Toniq Supplier Web Portal from July to help you get used to things and iron out any queries or problems you may have. Charges for suppliers will begin from end of August based on the previous 30 days.

Q: What benefits do I get from the Toniq Product Catalogue subscription?

A: The Toniq Product Catalogue subscription ensures that up to date and accurate price lists for your products are available to over 800 pharmacies using Toniq Retail. The product and pricing data that you provide goes through a quality assurance process to ensure that pharmacies have the right information to order your products.

Q: When will the new subscription pricing commence?

A: The new pricing structure will commence from 1 August 2019.

Q: I have two price lists and several products are on both price lists. Do I pay for each product twice?

A: No. The per product fee is for each unique product. There is a small additional monthly fee to maintain an additional price list.

Q: The initial estimate of my monthly fee seems high, what can I do?

A: Review your product list and ensure that all products are still available to order. If products are not available to order, then please advise us. We will deactivate these products and thus reduce the fee.

Q: Some of the products on my current price list are no longer available to order, do I still need to pay for these?

A: You only need to pay for your current active products. Please let us know which products need to be deactivated and we will deactivate them from your current price list. Stores will still be able to sell any stock that they have already purchased from you once the product is deactivated from your price list. Once the products have been deactivated we will reduce the monthly fee accordingly.

Q: How can I get a list of the products that I currently have on my price list(s)?

A: There are two options;

  • If you have access to our current Toniq Price List website, you can export your Price List(s) to an Excel file or view your products on the website. You can also remove products from your price list(s) via this website.
  • If you do not have access to the Toniq Price List website, please email and we will supply you with the appropriate list.

Q: At what point of the month is my fee calculated?

A: Toniq will continuously monitor new products and product deactivations. Your monthly fee will be based on the maximum number of unique products in your catalogue during the billing period.

Q: All my products are ranged with Green Cross Health, do I still need to subscribe?

A: If you would like your price lists and products to be available to non-Green Cross Health pharmacies you will still need to subscribe to the Toniq Product Catalogue.

Q: I don’t want to submit updates via the web portal, what are my options?

A: To cover the additional processing costs arising from submissions via email the Toniq Product Catalogue fee will be $0.35 per product. This will allow you to continue to submit product data via email.

Q: I don’t want to pay the subscription, what are my options?

A: The subscription to the Toniq Product Catalogue will ensure that your price lists are available to pharmacies using Toniq Retail. If you do not wish to subscribe, your price lists will not be available to Toniq Retail. You will need to manage product and price list data directly with the pharmacies that you sell to.

Q: I already subscribe to GS1 why should I subscribe to the Toniq Product Catalogue?

A: There are no pharmacy groups in New Zealand that currently use GS1 National Product Catalogues, so we are currently unable to use the GS1 data. If pharmacy groups do onboard with GS1 we will look at the options for using GS1 data. In the meantime, for products to be included in the Toniq Product Catalogue you will need to subscribe to our service.

Q: I would like a new price list in addition to my current price list(s), how do I organise this?

A: Please submit a request via the Toniq Pricelist team and we’ll set up a new price list for you. There will be an establishment fee to set up the price list and a monthly fee to maintain the price list.

Q: Are there any improvements planned for Toniq that will benefit suppliers?

A: Yes, we have a list of improvements and will be continually improving the platform to make it easier, faster and moving more suppliers to electronic ordering options. All will be focused around ensuring that Suppliers get the best value by improving ordering quality and accuracy in Toniq.

Improvements may include;

  • Ensuring pharmacies cannot re-order deactivated products
  • “Buying multiple” conversions to ensure products are always ordered in the appropriate quantities
  • Inner and outer pack conversions to increase orders that are placed in full cartons
  • Creating links between replacement products and discontinued products to assist with sales and order histories
  • Extending searches in Toniq Retail to search on the full supplier’s product name
  • Improved mapping of manufacturers or supplier’s product codes so that Toniq Retail identifies all suppliers selling a product even if the manufacturer’s or supplier’s product codes differs

Getting Started

Q: Do I need to resubmit all my product information to the new Toniq Vendor Web Portal?

A: Toniq will use the data that we already have to populate your products into your product catalogue to get you started.

Q: Some of my products in my product catalogue are missing data from mandatory fields, why is this?

A: The initial data load from Toniq only includes the data that we already have in our records. As we will now be collecting more data, we may not have the data for some fields. You can update this information at any time by editing the product from your product catalogue. You will need to ensure all mandatory fields are completed before submitting.

Q: I need some assistance to get my product data ready for the Toniq Vendor Web Portal, can you help?

A: Yes, as part of the establishment process, we are happy to provide guidance on the steps required to prepare your data to meet the new standards. You may also download the product data on your current price list from the Toniq Web Portal.

New Products

Q: How do I provide my new product details to Toniq?

A: The Toniq Vendor Web Portal allows you to submit new product requests to Toniq. The New Product form will assist you to provide the appropriate data.

Q: Can I still email new products or product changes to Toniq?

A: All new products (and product or price changes) must be submitted via the Toniq Vendor Web Portal. If you wish to submit via email you will be charged the higher inclusion fee.

Q: My sales reps have new products to sell to pharmacies today, how long will it take to add these products to my product catalogue and price list?

A: Once you submit the new product data via the Toniq Vendor Web Portal, we aim to have the product and pricing loaded and available within 5 working days for automatic updates.

Q: I have submitted a GXH NPD form for my new GXH ranged products, do I need to submit via the Toniq Vendor Web Portal to load these products to my product catalogue and price list?

A: No, we will use the data from the GXH NPD form to add the product(s) to your product catalogue. However Please inform us, via the submission ‘comments’ box, if and when the products are available for general consumption as the GXH NPD process will only add products to GXH systems.

Q: I have some new products that will not be ranged by GXH, how do I send the product data to Toniq?

A: New product requests can be submitted via the Toniq Vendor Web Portal.

Q: I have a new Counter Display Unit with a pre-packed with retail units. Can this be submitted via the Toniq Vendor Web Portal?

A: A standard ‘multiproduct’ spreadsheet template can be downloaded, filled in and returned to Toniq Product Catalogue via the vendor portal.

Product and Price changes

Q: I’m making some changes to some of my products, how do I submit these to Toniq?

A: First you’ll need to check that these changes do not constitute a new product. Please check our ‘New Product vs Product Change’ guidelines (as provided in the Data Standards document). Any changes can be submitted via the Toniq Vendor Web Portal. Just select the product you want to change from your product catalogue, make the changes and submit. Toniq will then process the request.

Q: I am changing the pricing for all my products, is there an easy way to submit this.

A: Yes, a standard spreadsheet with current products can be downloaded, edited, and returned to Toniq Product Catalogue via the vendor portal.

Q: Some of the product edits that I requested via the Toniq Vendor Web Portal have been rejected why is this?

A: There are many reasons why a product change may not be able to be made. The requested change may result in the need for a new product or may not be consistent with our data standards. A product record may be shared between multiple suppliers or wholesalers so we must ensure that the product record is accurate and standardised for all. Toniq will always provide feedback regarding any requests that are rejected and suggest an alternative course of action.