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Questions you might ask about Toniq Vault

Has Toniq got the skills to manage our backups?

We at Toniq, cannot think of anyone better!  Toniq staff are already often called upon to recover lost data and advise on database integrity.  ToniqVault is built on one of the world’s most widely used ‘backup engines’ which has been implemented in over 1 million sites around the world.

Your data is held in several places: on your own network, on protected computers in Christchurch (which are routinely monitored) and in a specialised secure data centre in Auckland.

How long will backups take?

Minutes usually. ToniqVault uses a process which only exports changes to the database which are compressed (zipped). So routine backups are fast and can be done during the day, while you are working. Once a month a full backup is made and this will take some time, e.g. 15-30 minutes.

Is my data confidential?

Definitely; provided you don’t tell anyone your encryption password. Before being sent over the internet, your data is segmented, zipped and encrypted so the data is useless to anyone without knowledge of the processes AND your password. However you may wish to give Toniq your password so we can occasionally check the integrity of your data and assist your staff if a business critical event occurs in your absence.

Can I stop doing the ordinary backups in Toniq?

Yes, with a proviso. ToniqVault makes a local network (on site) backup before sending, so if your Internet goes down a local restore is possible.  If the nature of the crisis means that data must be restored at a different premises that does not have the Internet, ToniqVault cannot help you quickly. In this rare scenario, our staff can create a physical (e.g. USB ‘pen drive’) copy and courier it to you. For maximum safety, you may wish to continue doing USB backups.

Is it easy to recover my data?

Yes, it is very easy and it can be done at any time. Toniq staff can assist you during our normal work hours (or our extended support hours until 10pm) OR you can use a simple ‘restore’ feature in the backup software. Your hardware vendor will have no problems using ToniqVault.

What if Toniq cannot restore my data?

If Toniq has a catastrophe with its off-site operations at the same time you have a catastrophe in your store (this would be an extremely unlikely coincidence), then Toniq will assist you to re-build your Toniq Dispensary and Toniq Retail databases.

Realistically, if Toniq cannot restore your data; then the backups have been failing, or you are not backing up the correct data.  In the case of backup failure, ToniqVault notifies both yourself and Toniq by email.  If we receive consecutive backup failure messages, we will attempt to contact you to investigate what is wrong. We recommend you follow up with any error messages you receive.

Do I have to leave my computers connected to the internet at night?

Your Server computer has to be connected to the internet for the off-site backup to proceed (and already will be if you are on the Health Network). Toniq can arrange for the backup to be done during the day or can force your Server computer to switch off after the backup has been processed.

How many and for how long are backups held off-site?

Backups are held for a minimum of 3 months (longer retention periods are available on request), e.g. 3 full end-of-month and 10 daily backups being kept.

What volume of data can be backed-up?

As part of our offer you get up to 15 gigabytes of data storage. This should be ample for the Toniq databases and normal commercial files such as documents, payrolls and e-mail.  (More data storage is available on request).

Can I change from other backup service providers?

No problem. Just check the renewal dates and termination details in your existing contracts.