Toniq Inbox now accepts emailed ePrescriptions

Toniq have built on its fully integrated pharmacy inbox to receive emailed ePrescriptions from any health provider. Toniq’s email to inbox functionality will help healthcare providers deliver safe, effective care during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. 

The Inbox is available from the Prescriptions screen to allow pharmacies to quickly receive and dispense electronic prescriptions. 

The following features provide a seamless and efficient pharmacy workflow: 

Blue email notification icon showing when new prescription messages have arrived in the prescription inbox 


Quickly find patients in the Toniq Inbox by name or NHI without having to look through multiple emails and attachments 

Prescription Inbox
The inbox allows users to view and manage prescription messages 

Track prescription status 

Toniq will automatically update the status of items in the Toniq inbox when printed, in progress and dispensed. 

Dispense ePrescriptions
Dispense NZePS prescriptions directly from the inbox without the need to scan the barcode 

View and print attached prescription
View the PDF copy of the prescription and print to send through with your script batch 


How does it work: 

1.Setup forwarding rules from your email inbox to forward on ePrescriptions to 

  1. When Toniq receives an email from your pharmacy it will check to see if it is an ePrescription 
  2. If it is an ePrescription it will forward this onto your pharmacies Toniq Inbox ready for you to print and dispense 
  3. If the email is not an ePrescription Toniq will send the email message back into your email inbox for you to process manually. 

Sign up now 

Register you interest for Toniq Inbox below. A friendly Toniq staff member will contact you over the coming weeks to assist with getting you up and running.

There are no charges from Toniq for receiving emailed ePrescriptions to the Toniq inbox. 

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is the cost associated with this feature? 

    It is completely free.

    Can Toniq automatically print the prescriptions as they come in? 

    Not yet, but we are aiming to have this available for version 5.44 (or early 2023).

    Does this work for all prescriptions or just NZePS prescriptions? 

    Just NZePS, we will send any back to the sending email which we cannot recognise as a NZePS prescription.

    My script are printing in A4, why? 

    Toniq determines the paper size based on the PDF document. If the doctor is sending prescriptions in A4 size Toniq will send them to the A4 printer.

    How does this work with parent/child stores? 

    The inbox will deliver NZePS prescriptions for the stores email.

    Multiple stores with one email address are not supported. But if both stores have separate emails, each store will receive their respective scripts to their own inbox.

    I have set up email forwarding rules, but they aren’t being sent? 

    This might be due to the domain controls on forwarding outside of the local domain – the pharmacy might need to talk to their email provider to allow this.

    Does the mail client need to be opened all the time for this to work? 

    Yes, in most situations.