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What are the steps to using Toniq Software in my business?

  • Enquire about Toniq software
  • Try Toniq software
  • Go ‘live’
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Hardware Recommendations

Computer Requirements

The computer specification is dependent on the role it is used for in the Toniq installation.

Server (or single user station) Dispensary workstation Retail POS workstation
Processor *Multi core processor (Intel Core i5 9500/AMD Ryzen 5 2500x or equivalent) *Multi core processor (Intel Core i3 9100, i5 8265u, AMD Ryzen 3 2300x or equivalent, or Intel Core i5 10210u) *Multi core processor (Intel Core i3 10110u, AMD Ryzen 3 4300u or equivalent)
Memory *8GB RAM or higher *8GB RAM or higher *8GB RAM or higher
Hard drive SSD or NVMe.
Minimum size *240GB, minimum free space *50GB on C: drive
SSD or NVMe.
Minimum size *240GB, minimum free space *30GB on C: drive
SSD or NVMe.
Minimum size *240GB, minimum free space *30GB on C: drive
Optical drive #DVD-ROM preferred #DVD-ROM optional but preferred Optional
Ports Depends on Devices, ensure sufficient USB ports, printers should not be connected to Hubs. Depends on Devices, ensure sufficient USB ports, printers should not be connected to Hubs. Depends on Devices, ensure sufficient USB ports, printers should not be connected to Hubs.

*  Denotes required or minimum required

#Digital Certificates are sent by HealthLink on CD or USB currently.

We always advise that at least one workstation has comparable specifications to your server to be a backup server and has the same version of SQL server installed as your server.


Dispensary foil printers: We recommend talking to the supplier of your foils to find out what printer works best with their foils.

Dispensary labels: Zebra thermal printers (NB: Do not use printer drivers mentioning ZPL; these use a printer driver that is not supported by Dispensary).

Normal A4 and A5 printing: Use a printer that is recommended by your hardware person as being suitable for your work load.

POS Receipt printers: All standard POS Receipt printers will be suitable.


Retail integrates with eftpos solutions from Payment Express (DPS), Smart Pay (Smartlink Lite), Verifone (Vault).
Retail semi integrates with Eftpos NZ (POSLink), and most compatible Vl-Link eftpos terminals.

Toniq Data Backups

When considering off-site Toniq Database backups, you should consider an automatic online backup solution such as ToniqVault. For more information click the link.

The preferred method of backup is to a USB Pen Drive (One pen drive is required for each working day). These pen drives are inexpensive and come in many capacities. A standard size pen drive for Toniq backups is 4Gb.

NB:   We recommend doing Location 1 Onsite backups daily.

Magnetic Swipe Card Readers

Any USB swipe card reader will work to scan in Community Service Cards. Contact your hardware person for availability.

For ePay/EziPay users you will require a Magnetic swipe card reader to load balances onto gift cards.  Alternatively integrated Verifone Vault & DPS Eftpos terminals can also be used to read magnetic strips instead.

Barcode Scanners

Most USB scanners that are recognised as a keyboard should work (although they may need some setup to make them recognise different barcode formats).
We recommend 2D barcode scanners which work best with QR codes and faxed ePrescriptions.

Serial scanners do work but require some setup in Retail and Dispensary to make them recognise different barcode formats.

Toniq Mobile Devices (Pocket Toniq)

It is recommended that when purchasing a device to use with Toniq Mobile (Dispensary or Retail) the device has the following features.

  • Wireless capability
  • Built-in Scanner
Here is a list of devices that our software has been tested on.  Please contact our support team if you have another device to test.

Android Toniq Mobile

Minimum requirements: Android OS version 5.0 or Higher, Screen resolution: 1280×720 (16:9 screen ratio)

Approved Devices: Motorola ScanPal EDA50, EDA51

A wireless access point compatible with the chosen device will be required. Encryption is strongly recommended.


Approved Windows CE device list:

  • Symbol/Motorola MC50, MC55, MC65, MC2100, MC2180, PPT8800
  • Honeywell 6100, 6500, 5100, 6110
  • Metrologic SP5700 OptimusPDA
  • Intermec CN50, CN51, CK3R

* Windows CE Pocket Toniq is legacy software, and is no longer being developed.

Cash Drawers

Various types are available. These are usually opened by a signal sent from the receipt printer or from a device (com kicker) attached to the serial port.

Software Requirements

Operating System Requirements

Toniq software runs on Microsoft Windows. Professional or Business versions of Windows are required, they must be 64-bit.

Toniq will not be able to provide our usual support levels if the Windows installation is not in English.

The following operating systems are supported:

  • * Windows 11
  • * Windows 10
  • * Windows 8.1 – End of support in January 2023
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 – End of support in October 2023

Toniq no longer supports the following operating systems: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 (Professional or Server), Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2.

* Check that printer drivers are available for all printers to be used, particularly older Till Receipt printers.

* Windows 10 only supports Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or later.  If you have a paid edition of SQL Server, check the version with your hardware supplier or Toniq to ensure it is compatible.

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and above will only run on 64 bit systems.  This means that the server and at least a couple of backup computers must be 64 bit.

Windows updates should be applied regularly to ensure your computers are secure and patched for vulnerabilities.
Keeping Windows updated is part of NZ Pharmacy requirements for the Health Network / Connected Health.

MS SQL Server for Toniq Database

Toniq uses Microsoft’s SQL Server software for database management, which improves database stability.  Express versions of MS SQL are acceptable (within Microsoft limitations such as database size).

The same version of SQL Server must be installed on at least one other computer as a backup server.

The Version of SQL Server must be MS SQL Server 2014 or newer

Talk to Toniq Support about your options.

Support Software

To allow access by Toniq staff for support purposes, all Toniq installs come with remote connection software called Toniq Helpdesk. This allows customers to connect a Toniq staff member directly into any workstation which has an internet connection.

Antivirus / Firewall Software

It is recommended that you use antivirus AND firewall software when connected to the internet, on ALL workstations. There can be compatibility issues with our software and firewall programs. So please get your hardware person to check with us, to make sure your Toniq system continues to run smoothly after installation.

The Toniq program installation configures the Windows Firewall, built-in to Windows, to allow the Toniq programs to run correctly.


How does Toniq support its customers?

When I phone Toniq will I get an automatic answerphone or a person?

When you call Toniq, a person will answer the phone.

There may be a pre-recorded message first, if there is an outage or notification relevant to multiple pharmacies.

Generally you will be asked if your call is about Dispensary or Retail or if it is a technical query. Depending on the expertise of the helpdesk staff member who answered the phone, they may answer your query directly or transfer you to someone better qualified to deal with your query.

Everyone who answers the phone on the helpdesk has expertise in parts of the Toniq suite of programs.

What happens if I call for help outside of office hours?

If you call our support desk out-of-hours we are able to provide chargeable support for emergency problems. This is routed to one of several technicians – wherever they are. Usually we would expect these calls to be technical and urgent (e.g. Help, there has just been a power cut and now my programs won’t work!)

What happens if my computer crashes?

Depending on the situation, a computer crash can mean one of several different things.  Here is a list of different computer crash scenarios.

If the computer that has crashed is the Toniq Server, you will ALWAYS need to contact Toniq Support.

  • Computer is not turning on
    This is usually a power related or Hardware issue. You could try checking if the power socket the computer is plugged into is working & also make sure the switches are turned on. Failing this, your Hardware Support Technician would be the ideal person to contact.
  • Toniq is running, but not responding to anything I do
    This sounds like a software issue, definitely give the Toniq Support Helpdesk a call and we will work through this scenario with you directly.
  • The computer was working normally and then it just restarted (or the screen turned blue with white writing)
    This could be a serious issue, please contact Toniq Support Helpdesk immediately, we will do an initial diagnosis and in most cases, suggest you then contact your Hardware Support Technician.
  • The computer has frozen and it’s not an example above
    Feel free to give the Toniq Support Helpdesk a call. We will endeavour to get you up and running as quickly as possible.  If Toniq Support are not able to help with the issue we will point you in the right direction.

What if I want the program to do something that it does not do?

We here at Toniq are always implementing new ideas and enhancements to both our Retail & Dispensary software suites. If you have come across a feature that you think should be part of our Toniq suites, please give us a call to discuss your ideas.

Sometimes, we already have a way of achieving what you want within the current system, so you may get what you want sooner than you think!

If I have a new staff member will Toniq train him/her?

Please contact Toniq support for training assistance and booking.

Toniq also has a searchable online resource, called the Toniq Library. This can be accessed from the Main Menu from Toniq Dispensary or Retail via the F3 Toniq Library button.

How do I know if I have a software or hardware problem?

Apart from obvious hardware issues like:

  • PC not starting at all
  • Screen does not display anything
  • Loud beeping noises
  • Printer making strange clunking noises

It can be rather difficult to distinguish between a Hardware or Software problem. Please ring Toniq Support Helpdesk first in any or all situations, as we do not charge extra to be asked. Then, if we can help, you just saved yourself going to the wrong person first and getting an extra bill.